January, 2022

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Carmella Osgood - You are a star!

Congratulations to Carmella Osgood, a senior practitioner in fostering north, who win's this month's `You are a star' award.

Ana Caldararu nominated Carmella and said:

" I nominate her for her overall contribution to the team and her helpful attitude to colleagues and work. Carmella’s approach inspires respect within our team for being supportive, knowledgeable and solution focused. Her absolute commitment is to achieve the best outcomes for children and foster carers she supports. Carmella is highly professional, makes suggestions for improvement and is open minded to new ways of working. She is a team worker who supported the team on a regular basis and during difficult times.

" At a service level she ensures delivery of high-quality service, ensuring appropriate support and advice is given and foster carers are supported going above and beyond when needed."

Citizen focused - Carmella practice is about developing a culture where the needs and priorities of the foster carers are understood and taken into account. She is part of the focused group looking at ways to support foster carers with IT.

Every penny counts - Carmella ensures accurate payments are made to her carers and is able to support and challenge foster carer so that the needs of the children are met.

Integrity – Carmella supports the most vulnerable children by offering their foster carer a secure base; this means that she is consistent and reliable in her day-to-day work; all her foster carers are visited and supported on a regular basis.

Getting it right - Carmella strives to achieve best outcome for children and ensures to adhere to the current regulations and procedures; I found Carmella to be willing to learn and develop her knowledge of procedures and legislation.

Innovation – recently Carmella established a support group for all the carers she supervises to ensure that they know each and develop a extended family network. This group meets on a monthly basis and have grown to support each other."

Well done Carmella.


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