January, 2022

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Our Way Forward - Plan for Children and Young People 2021 - 2026

Our Way Forward - Plan for Children and Young People 2021 – 2026 has been approved and is set for launch on Monday 17 January.  It sets out our ambitions to improve outcomes for children, young people and families within Hertfordshire to support them to get their lives back on track following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is supported by the Strategic Priorities, which will be updated annually, and will contribute to the achievement of the ambitions outlined within the plan.

If your work impacts children, young people and their families, it is important that you read the strategy and understand how it impacts your work.

The plan was developed with engagements from Children’s Services’ (CS) staff, children, young people and families and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute.

The plan has five ambitions:

  • To meet the needs of Hertfordshire’s children within their local community;
  • To plan, commission and deliver trauma informed services that meet the individual needs of our citizens;
  • To support children and young people get their lives and education back on track;
  • To have a skilled workforce who are proud to work for Hertfordshire;
  • To work in partnership to deliver early help and support to children, young people and families and build life chances.

On Monday the plan will be promoted through our internal and external channels so look out for more information on the intranet where you will be able to view the plan, strategic priorities and our animation of the five ambitions.

Our social media campaign will run from Friday 14 – Monday 24 January. You can follow us on Facebook @hertscountycouncil and Twitter and Instagram @hertscc and please like and share any posts you see to help us raise awareness.  This campaign will link residents to our blog at Hertfordshire County Council | Five-year plan launched to get Hertfordshire’s children and young people back on track after Covid-19 which in turn signposts them to our services for further information.

The Plan and Strategic Priorities should be used to inform service and team planning, which should then inform PMDS targets.  This will ensure that our ambitions are reflected in all the work that we do.  Below is the Golden Thread diagram to show where the Plan fits in to the CS strategic vision.

Key CS strategies can now be found in the Strategy Library on the intranet.  Many of our strategies are also publicly available

The Performance and Development Team supports CS Core Board with strategic planning.  To add a document to the Strategy Library, email P&D.Team@hertfordshire.gov.uk



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