July, 2021

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Brooke Donovan - You are a star!

Congratulations to Brooke Donovan who wins June's `You are a star' award.

Brooke is a Service Support Manager within Children’s Services and was nominated by Jodi O’Sullivan who said:

"Brooke was seconded for a period of time to the FSCP Team until a new member of staff had been appointed. Whilst supporting the FSCP Team, Brooke still continued to support her colleagues providing information and guidance and continuing to build trusting relationships.  With Brooke working with the FSCP Team, it allowed them to continue to provide their outstanding services and team models to various local authorities with accurate, informative presentations which were supported by Brooke.

"Brooke's attention to details was imperative as part of the FSCP Team as were her administrative and organisation skills teamed with her vibrant, fun and honest personality.  Brooke was also managing the Covid Response Staff requirements within Children’s Services. She has assisted in recruiting over 40 Children Services workers since September 2020 to assist in the current Covid-19 Pandemic. Extra staff are recruited and allocated to teams where there is a high volume of work the outcome of dealing with Covid -19 brought in. `Her role was to assist with the recruitment process including interviewing potential staff, looking at contracts, the allocation to the specific teams and IT inductions. These are just a few of the tasks Brooke has undertaken."

Citizen Focused – Brooke continued to work within two other roles than her own to ensure that services were provided uninterrupted. The delivery of the FSCP Model was imperative to the local authorities signed up for this piece of work. Brookes coordination, attention to detail, organisation and hard work resulted in the workshops being delivered when scheduled with positive feedback.

Every Penny Counts - As part of the Covid-19 Response Team, Brooke was tasked with recruiting staff to provide teams with large volumes of work with further staff. Budgets regarding recruitment needed to adhere to and Brooke provided the teams with the staff needed, all within the budget given.   

Integrity – Brooke is a very honest person and has strong moral principles which she practises when managing her staff. Brooke is empathetic, understanding and supportive and her direct staff have a very strong working relationship with Brooke where she is very highly respected

Getting It Right – Brooke is someone who thinks of others before herself and takes every task given to her with integrity. Brooke ensures that everything she is responsible for is completed correctly. This could be managing staff, organising workshops, management meetings or recruitment of staff. Brooke is also a fantastic mentor and takes her time with new staff in training them for the job with the upmost patience, knowledge and support. Brooke is someone that you can openly speak to with any concerns and she will look for a resolution whilst making you feel comfortable whatever your worries. 

Innovation – Brooke is someone who is always looking for her next challenge. She embraces new ways of working and often provides the practical implementation of ideas that result in the improvement of services provided. She will often bring these ideas to management meetings, 1-2-1’s etc and is always looking at ways to improve ways of working to provide an outstanding service every single time.

Well done Brooke


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