July, 2021

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Joint HCC and UNISON statement to commence the Future Workforce negotiations

Hertfordshire County Council recently released a joint statement with UNISON to mark the beginning of the negotiation period to negotiate changes to pay and terms and conditions, as part of the Future Workforce project.

You can read the full statement on the intranet.

The negotiation between HCC and UNISON Hertfordshire (our recognised trade union for employees in scope) is planned to start by the end of June 2021. Any changes to pay and terms and conditions agreed in this negotiation will affect Local Government Employees on NJC terms and conditions. This covers the majority of employees in main council departments, whether they are a member of a trade union or not.

The aim of the negotiation is for both parties to work together to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that addresses employee and manager feedback. Once an agreement is reached and signed off by both parties, another joint statement will be issued setting out the terms agreed. Any changes will be implemented in October 2022.

If you have any questions about the Future Workforce project, please email us at Future.Workforce@hertfordshire.gov.uk or contact the UNISON Hertfordshire Branch Secretary, Graham Nickson, on 01992 556260 or via e-mail at Hertford.Unison@hertfordshire.gov.uk

 You can also find out more on the Future Workforce project intranet page.



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