November, 2019

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Sandra Barley - `You are a star'

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Congratulations to Sandra Barley who is October’s `You are a star’

Sandra is a Business Delivery Manager and manages a busy team of officers who support the Children’s Services Directorate. Sandra was nominated by Glenda Hardy who said:

 “Sandra was recently asked to take on the administration and organisation of the apprenticeship schemes based in schools. This was described at the time as minimal/light touch work but has since exploded in both volume and complexity.

During the last academic year there were 137 school based apprentices and so far this academic year she already has 51 new which is 3 times the amount of this time last year. Sandra has run this “additional” statutory duty consistently and efficiently.  

Sandra is often asked to take on additional tasks and duties either directly or within the team and is always gracious and accommodating. She is highly motivated and organised but also a very supportive and empathetic manager. She certainly leads by example and has the best interest of the client/family at the centre of everything. She equally has the well-being of her team at the core of her role.

Sandra is constantly looking for ways to streamline systems with a view to reduce costs but also to increase efficiency.”

Well done Sandra


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