November, 2020

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Samantha Young - You are a star!

Congratulations to Senior Planning Officer, Samantha Young, who win's October's `You are a star' award.

Pauline Davis nominated Samantha and said:

"Sam has been working tirelessly supporting our ISL service, from a school planning perspective, in the delivery of its SEND strategy and transformation. She has successfully planned and commissioned an extensive programme of special school expansions, the first for many years, as well as other SEND related projects (including the re-building of one of our special schools). Significantly, Sam has prepared the very first Special School Place Strategy for the county council, identifying the council’s need for provision in the medium to long term.  This has been a major achievement which is now going through Panel and Cabinet into the public arena. In essence, Sam has made a major contribution and has ‘gone many extra miles’ to achieve the delivery of some of the council’s strategic aims for children and young people with SEND.

"Sam embodies the council’s values and behaviours in everything she does. SEND is an area of work which specifically requires working in a multi-disciplinary way both within the council and with our partner organisations, including schools and parent/carer organisations.  It is very citizen focused.  Sam has successfully worked with all parties, gaining their confidence.  She has striven to ensure that there are sufficient places to meet the growing need for special school and specialist provision places for Hertfordshire’s children with SEND. 

"She has commissioned work which has saved revenue funding and has used limited capital in the most efficient way. She conducts herself with integrity, takes great pride in getting things right and coming up with good solutions to problems. These achievements deserve to be recognised with a ‘You’re a Star’ award."

Well done Samantha.


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