November, 2020

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Information for all HCC Staff - Implementation of a Smokefree policy at Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council is committed to encouraging and supporting employees and the general public to reduce harm from smoking.

A new Smokefree policy was therefore been approved by Hertfordshire County Council's Cabinet on 21 September 2020, making all council premises completely Smokefree zones from 1 January 2021.

This means that employees, visitors, contractors and county councillors can no longer smoke on any workplace premises owned or leased by the council, as well as in workplace vehicles.

What this means for staff:

  1. Smoking will be prohibited across all County Council sites where county council policies are in place (whether or not the premises are owned or leased)
  2. This includes
    1. on site - including previously designated smoking areas
    2. car parks and surrounding areas and within private vehicles when parked on HCC property
    3. workshops
    4. temporary offices
    5. residential care homes (exemptions for residents)
    6. work vehicles and vehicles used for work purposes
  3. The policy applies to all visitors, employees, contractors, volunteers, service users, elected members and staff from other organisations that use County Council sites
  4. Employees should not smoke when they are visible and representing the County Council whilst working from home (for example when videoconferencing).


  • Employees may use e-cigarettes only during designated unpaid break times
  • The use of e-cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas for this purpose


  • Anyone who does not comply with the Smokefree policy should be given a clear reminder that all sites are Smokefree and provided with the appropriate resources for support
  • Although compliance with this policy should be regarded as a manager support matter in the first instance, employees in breach of the policy may be subject to action in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure.

Support available

For support to quit smoking or other lifestyle advice, there are lots of health benefits available to you as an employee of Hertfordshire County Council, including:

Free local stop smoking services for employees

FREE stop smoking support is available to everyone who lives or works in Hertfordshire to manage cravings at work and quit. Support includes refunded prescription costs (HCC staff only) and advice on e-cigarettes. You can get help in the way that works for you, including one-to-one, with a friend and by phone.

Contact Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service
Freephone: 0800 389 3998 (internal: 83071)
Text: 'SMOKEFREE' to 80818
Email  or visit

Free 24/7 access to the County Council's Employee Assistance Programme for employees
Freephone: 0800 1116 387
Use the access code:  Username/ Access Code: hertfordshire


Sessions for managers to who would like to ask questions about the implementation of the new policy will be held via MS Teams during November -

  • Tuesday 3rd November 1.00-2.00 MS
  • Thursday 12th November 9.30-10.30 MS

 To book onto one of these sessions please email

Further information

The full Smokefree policy plus further information for staff is available: 



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