October, 2019

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Congratulations to Katherine Olivo who wins September’s `You are a Star’ award.

Congratulations to Katherine Olivo who is September's `You are a Star.'

Katherine is a Social Worker from the Family Safeguarding, Stevenage North Team and received two nominations from Matt Ansell and Pretty Nkiwane who said:

From Matt Ansell:

 `Katherine has received some amazing feedback from a family she has been working with for some time.   In the feedback the parents describe how Katherine has worked with them as a family and has ‘helped them to cope and think differently about family life’.  The parents said that ‘the children adore you and are always happy to hear that you are going to visit’ & ‘”I have never felt judged and have always been able to be open and honest with you.’

This is such positive feedback, it displays all the values and approach that we want our workers to engage with families, and has ultimately helped support this family to be stronger and happier.’

 From Pretty Nkiwane:

`Katherine is NQSW and she is a graduate from the first Frontline cohort in HCC When Katherine joined HCC I and her CSW supervisor in Frontline have always said there is something about her ,her attitude, professional maturity and commitment ,and she is very sensitive to families that she works with that make her a good practitioner. I have observed Katherine develop so much confidence as a practitioner but she has remained true to the level of respect that she gives to families .Katherine is very good at engaging with families, both children and parents of different age groups .Her manners are impeccable but with all this her risk assessment is very good and she is also good at challenging families as appropriate. Katherine has gained a lot of respect from families and during her year in practice she has received a number of positive feedback however she remains very humble about this.

`Her professional integrity, respect to families, her ability to access support for families from different agencies with the community and her ability to work with other professionals agencies is excellent. Katherine is good a very good team player and she is also good at supporting colleagues from across the service as well as current Frontline and Step Ahead students.’


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